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Welcome to Frost Wiltshire

In the current times, businesses have never had a greater need to control their costs. At Frost Wiltshire, we believe that controlling costs shouldn't mean a reduction in the quality of the service you receive, nor the attention you receive from your accountant, auditor or advisor.

Behind Frost Wiltshire is a team of Chartered Accountants with many years' Big-4 experience of providing audit, assurance and financial accounting services to clients in a wide range of sectors.

Frost Wiltshire provides a high-quality service tailored to your business, blending the assurance of experienced, Big-4 pedigree people with highly competitive rates, providing your business with the value for money it requires.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We would be pleased to discuss these with you by phone, or in person.

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Based in the South West, Frost Wiltshire is a provider of accountancy, audit and support services to businesses which are seeking to reduce their controllable costs, driving value for money for shareholders without detriment to the quality of the service they receive.

It has never been more important for businesses to reduce costs, but equally the quality and reliability of financial reporting has never been more important to withstand the scrutiny of the current regulatory environment.

Businesses need a rigorous approach to financial accounting and statutory reporting. Management increasingly find that recent developments in iXBRL,

UK GAAP and IFRS make it more efficient and reliable to outsource the production of statutory accounts. With the advent of significant changes to the accounting landscape for most UK companies in the next couple of years, businesses need to consider how to effect the transition in a controlled way without harming their ability to interpret or rely on their financial information.

Frost Wiltshire can support you in these areas, providing you with clear advice on complex technical issues, as well as supporting you with key reporting obligations including, amongst others, budgets, cash flow forecasts, management accounts & VAT returns.

We are a registered statutory auditor and can provide both statutory and non-statutory audit services.